SES Broadband Services

Service description

SES Broadband Services is an interactive broadband internet service that is offered via distribution partners to end customers and businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The service is independent from any terrestrial networks and is immediately available anywhere within the footprint of the satellite. To date, SES Broadband Services has more than 75,000 end-users in Europe, thereby representing the largest satellite-based broadband network on the continent. Most recently, SES Broadband Services has introduced a new technology to provide SES Broadband Services to entire communities without end users having to install their own satellite antenna.

SES Broadband Services announced today that it has expanded its satellite-based broadband service SES Broadband Services to Romania, thereby increasing the availability for SES Broadband Services in Central Eastern Europe to thirteen countries. A respective distribution agreement was closed with the Romanian internet service provider E-Sourcing Know-How & Serv. Ltd. The roll-out of the service will start in April 2011.

E-Sourcing Know-How & Serv. Ltd. offers ICT and consultancy services such as software, hardware and infrastructure solutions, network and traffic optimization and solutions for e-learning, e-health, e-banking and e-government. The company will use SES Broadband Services to provide satellite-based broadband connections to households and businesses in isolated areas without access to terrestrial broadband networks.

Technical description

Broadband and VoIP

Millions of households and businesses outside the major European cities lack access to high-speed broadband services.

SES Broadband Services is two-way satellite broadband, enabling customers to enjoy always-on, high-speed internet access regardless of where they live.

The innovative and reliable technology supports flat-rate subscriptions, VoIP, content on demand and TV capabilities. It features high levels of built-in security and performance enhancement.


  • always-on connectivity for broadband and VoIP
  • flat-rate monthly fee
  • low-cost subscriber equipment
  • simple to install and use
  • no infrastructure investment required
  • sustains large end-user populations
  • capable of large network deployments

SES Broadband Services is designed to complement terrestrial broadband services, especially in remote areas of Europe where DSL or cable services may be limited or nonexistent.

It gives service providers the opportunity to offer more customers high-speed internet services, and develop profitable new revenue streams.

Complete market coverage

SES Broadband Services provides a complete satellite infrastructure anywhere in our footprint, and the delivery technology is compatible with our entire satellite fleet.

This gives us the flexibility and capacity to extend the service footprint based on market demand, instantly and easily covering rural, as well as urban areas.

Internet Capacity

With the ASTRA Internet Capacity service, we have established ourselves as the leading satellite system for broadband internet access services.

The competitively priced service provides ISPs, as well as cable and GSM operators, with congestion-free Global Internet Backbone access. It is ideal for business-to-business services and scalable to the exact needs of the customer.

The Internet Capacity service is a non-preemptible, receive-only internet service which can be designed with a variety of return path possibilities to fit almost any customer situation and requirement. Users can choose their return path to perfectly suit their needs and existing network. This service is also a perfect choice for internet access on trains and other moving vehicles like ships, buses etc.


  • boosting local internet capacity, primarily for international traffic
  • scalable from 64 kbps and upwards
  • minimum start-up time
  • existing reliable 24/7 service
  • small satellite dishes are sufficient for reception in Europe

Quality Parameters & Measuring Procedure

For the internet via satellite services,SES Broadband Services respects the Fair Use Policy (FUP) that gives equal access for all customers in the conditions of “best efforts” system.Detailed descriptions of the parameters can be seen bellow:

Quality specifications

To answer at all requests of his customers,E-Sourcing Know-How & Services has created a register for requests and answers of  requests and defined an administrative quality policy. The respect of this policy means the respect of our customers. The measuring procedure for the administrative quality as requested by European and Romanian regulations can be
accessed at the following link