Trainings and Conferences

We are having the capabilities and know-how to sustain the best trainings related to Management of the IT, from business and IT perspective.

We can teach people how to integrate IT in there live, or how to sell IT.

Our 360 degrees related to IT, allow a complete perspective of usage of IT in the benefit of your current business.

From five years we are sustaining the MBA classes for City University of Seattle and InterColledge. Mr. Rangu is one of the few Romanians that are accredited as lectors for the reputed City University of Seattle, USA. He’s organizing and sustaining the MIS / Managing Technology class.

One of our main partners and beneficial of our capabilities is the Romanian Banking Institute.

We can act activly to IT or banking conferences set-up, from content perspectives. For some organizer of conferences we are acting as moderator. We are a constant presence in Finmedia/E-Finance or  Agora conferences.