Banking terminals

We can integrate banking terminals, cards systems, and software technologies:

  • ATM
  • EPOS
  • Cards and cash management
  • Kiosks, multifunctional terminals
  • Hardware Security Module designed for retail Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment s
  • Complete smart card personalization suite
  • Card Instant Issuance System (CIIS) delivers ready-to-use cards in a fast, secure operation.
  • Central management of all devices (multi-vendor management) together with the installed operating system or XFS (eXtensions for F inancial Services).
  • Advanced ATM Application – multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multi-country ATM application which provides a full set of pre-built and certified ATM transactions.
  • ID cards, bankcards, phone cards, PKI solution provider, network establishment, terminals
  • Security documents,
  • Business forms from printing up to enveloping,
  • Security data collection and process following